Drax The Destroyer


  • In the comics, Drax was a human named Arthur Douglas whose wife was killed by Thanos. His daughter, Heather, survived and was found by Thanos' father. She grew up to become superheroine Moondragon.
  • In the movie, it required Drax plus 3 of the other Guardians to control the power of the Orb for just a moment. However, in the comics, an incarnation of Drax managed to easily control the Power Gem by himself.
  • Drax never seems to wear a shirt, displayed various times.
  • He is right-handed.
  • He is the only member of the Guardians to have blue eyes.
  • He claims to have famously huge turds.
  • He has sensitive nipples, which is why he doesn't like wearing Rocket's Aero-Rigs, also explaining why he never wears a shirt, with the fabric causing discomfort.