The Quadrant is one of the detachable parts of the Eclector. It was used by Yondu Udonta, Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Kraglin Obfonteri to escape the Eclector.

History Edit

Escape from the Eclector Edit

After betraying Taserface by giving a Prototype Fin to a captive Yondu Udonta, Kraglin Obfonteri was told to prepare the Quadrant to escape from the Eclector.

As Udonta, Rocket and Groot killed the entire clan of Ravagers, Kraglin waited for them in the front of the Eclector. When the three boarded, Kraglin disconnected the Quadrant from the rest of the ship and they escaped while the rest of the Eclector blew up, including Taserface who had informed the Sovereign of their location. Rocket then set course for Ego's Planet which caused their bodies to disfigure temporarily due to the amount of jumping the ship did between planets.

Battle on Ego's Planet Edit

When they arrived at Ego's Planet, Kraglin stayed in the Eclector while the rest went to rescue the Guardians in the Laser Drill. While Kraglin was eating some soup and listening to Quill's music, a fleet of Sovereign Golden Dronesapproached the planet. Kraglin informed the Guardians that the Sovereign were coming and then flew down to the planet to retrieve the Guardians. As he went to open the door for Drax the Destroyer who was carrying an unconscious Mantis, Ego attacked the ship causing it to tip over and nearly crush Drax and Mantis. 

Kraglin managed to turn on the ships thrusters and stabilized the ship so the two could get on the ship. As the planet was about to explode, Gamora and Nebula joined Kraglin on the ship followed by Rocket and Groot. Not being able to stay near the planet, Kraglin flew the ship away while Quill and Udonta were still on the surface.

Guardian's Headquarters Edit

After the Guardians lost their first headquarters, the Milano after crash landing it on Berhert during their battle with the Sovereign, the Guardians made the Quadrant their new headquarters.

Known Rooms:

  • flight deck
  • Groot's room
  • Drax's room
  • Star-Lord's room
  • Gamora's room
  • Mantis's room
  • Rocket's room
  • Prisoner cell