Peter Jason Quill also known as Star-Lord (born October 27, 1980)


  • According to a Nova Corps Officer, Star-Lord's criminal record consists of:
    • Hijacking a Starblaster on Xandar.
    • Consorting with a Centaurian delinquent.
    • Impersonating a Nova Corps Officer.
    • Breaking into a Class-9 Hyper-prison, being arrested, and then escaping from said prison.
    • Possession of a Glonq death ray.
    • Smuggling and auctioning Killillian eggs.
    • Allegations of counterfeiting, gambling, and serial public nudity.
    • And 371 counts of illegally parking a spacecraft.
  • He is right-handed.
  • He is the leader of the guardians.
  • The only present he ever got from Yondu was a model toy rocket ship which Yondu found on a stolen freighter covered in garbage. Which Yondu told Quill always reminded him of him.