The Milano  is a customized M-ship used by Peter Quill and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Known rooms:

  • Star-Lord" bunk
  • Guest bunk
  • The kitchen/the living room/the dining room/the common area
  • the flight deck

possible rooms

  • the bathroom
  • engine room #1
  • engine room #2


  • In the original comics, Starlord's ship was a sentient star called Aurora, who was turned into a sentient spaceship by the Master of the Sun.
    • In the most recent storyline, the mobile headquarter of the Guardians of the Galaxy it's called C.I.T.T., an acronym for Cool Interstellar Travel Travelship.
  • The Milano is named after Peter Quill's childhood crush Alyssa Milano.
  • The Milano's colors come from the colors of Ego's convertable that he drove while on Earth.
  • It was destroyed during the battle between the the Guardians and the Ravagers against Ronan, but was rebuilt by the Nova Corps and given to the Guardians as a gift to show their gratitude for them saving Xandar from Ronan.
  • In the movie the Milano only has two beds, Star-Lords bed, and a guest bed. But in the TV show and comic books the Milano has bedrooms instead of just two beds one bedroom for each member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • There is a bathroom somewhere in the Milano as mentioned by Star-Lord in the episode “Road to Knowhere”.
  • As shown in the TV show there are bedrooms it appears one for each of the Guardians. However there appear to be only four doors implying only four bedrooms, meaning it is possible that 3 of the Guardians have their own rooms, while 2 of the Guardians share a room, but it appears that the only 2 Guardians that would be willing to share a room would be Rocket and Groot since they’re best friends, however it is shown in the episode “We are family” that Rocket has his own room implying that Groot has his own room as well. It is also shown in issue #2 of the comic books that Rocket and Groot have their own rooms as well as the other Guardians do to, meaning this might just be a continuity error.
  • According to Star-Lord, he has been able to fly the Milano since he 10 years old, meaning that it is possible that he has had the Milano since the age of 10, and since Star-Lord’s birthday is known for being February 4, 1980, that would mean he might have been the owner of the Milano since sometime around February 4, 1990.